Uncle Wiggy’s

Proudly Promoting Genetic Expression Through Full Spectrum Plant Nutrition

We’ve been part of the grow community since the early 2000’s. Our team has hundreds if not thousands of grows under our belt. We love teaching our community anything we’ve learned in our almost two decades of growing.  

We approach our community more like a family – that’s how important you are to us. We strive to make every cultivator in Uncle Wiggy’s family as successful as possible. We stand behind you. To support this philosophy, Uncle Wiggy’s offers the best customer support in the industry- hands down. 

Having been commercial growers ourselves, we’ve tried all the most popular nutrient brands under the sun. We weren’t satisfied with their methods or results. Across the board, their feeding programs are too complicated with too many necessary ingredients separated into separate products. Even worse, their nutrients failed to showcase our genetics. They left their own flavors and aromas behind- we can tell you what brand nutrients were used by bag appeal alone. 

Elite growers desire full genetic expression. We deliver it! Genetic expression is the driving force behind Uncle Wiggy’s nutrients. Sure we’re less expensive and easier to use than the competition, but they can’t touch our bag appeal. 

Over the years, Uncle Wiggy’s has grown to anticipate the times. We’re proud to offer our community an OMRI certified organic line that transforms dirt into living soil, natural plant based bio-stimulants, and our award winning 710 Blends.

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