Dose Packs

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Dose Packs are pre-measured packets that deliver precisely dosed, fully formulated cannabis nutrition. Designed for 50 gallons of feed water, one to three Dose Packs are all your ladies need to thrive.

Team Building
Grow teams are united by a simple feeding program that everyone can get behind.

Dose Packs dissolve in 40 seconds or less and leave behind no residue. No waste or clean up.

Spill and inhalation risks are eliminated. Growers are no longer exposed to harmful chemicals.

Dose Packs are pre-measured ensuring exact dosing every time.

Save time and Money
No nutrients are wasted. Lower training time and less labor costs.

Prolong Shelf Life
Our nutrients have little exposure to the elements resulting in a more consistent product.

Starter Packs

Everything you need to get started using Uncle Wiggy’s 710 Blend.  10% Getting to know you discount applied at checkout.

710 Blend

Unleash your Genetics!  710 blends the finest organic and mineral salts for maximum genetic expression and ultimate terpene production.  Crafted by commercial growers to dominate Denver, Uncle Wiggy’s 710 blend has been winning cups and fueling top shelves across the U.S.  Our commercial medical growers are breaking 3.5 pounds per light at over 35%. 710 Blend is an extremely easy to use nutritional program utilizing a Base food with Veg and Bloom boosters crafted from organic and mineral salts. We’ve taken the water out of our nutrients to bring you the best nutrients at the best prices without preservatives or buffering agents.  Taste the difference.  Uncle Wiggy’s 710 Blend grows the finest extracts!



When my team and I developed Uncle Wiggy’s CryptoBio line of concentrated, all-natural bio-stimulants and bio-fertilizers, we were committed to giving hydroponic growers the best of organics while also providing organic growers with hydroponic-level yields without sacrificing their organic quality.  CryptoBio is made from the extraction and concentration of specific vegetable combinations to provide natural bio-stimulants specifically tailored to every stage of plant growth.

I began developing Uncle Wiggy’s plant nutrition in 2008 to solve the problems I was having as a commercial grower and consultant in Denver. As a master grower, I was charged with delivering consistently huge yields with full genetic expression, medical grade purity, and irresistible bag appeal—all while being cost effective. Even though I tried many different nutrient lines, I found it impossible to deliver on all of these priorities at once. I decided to take matters into my own hands and push my plants’ genetics to the max. I sourced the purest organic and mineral  fertilizer salts on the market, and used my flower rooms and nurseries as test gardens for my nutrient profiles. Uncle Wiggy’s 710 blend has been winning cups and filling top shelves ever since.

The simplicity of Uncle Wiggy’s program translates into nutritional success for all scales of grows.  Uncle Wiggy’s 710 blend eliminates the need for boosters. This helps guarantee that micro and macro nutrients are always balanced in the proper proportions, preventing the common problem of nutrient lockout.

Today, Uncle Wiggy’s is still a small, family owned and operated company in Denver Colorado.  We pride ourselves in offering our community the best nutritional science at the best prices with the best support in the industry.  Did I mention we’re trying to be the best?

Join Uncle Wiggy’s family of Master Growers—I promise you’ll feel right at home.