About Us

I began developing Uncle Wiggy’s plant nutrition in 2008 to solve the problems I was having as a commercial grower and consultant in Denver. As a master grower, I was charged with delivering consistently huge yields with full genetic expression, medical grade purity, and irresistible bag appeal—all while being cost effective. Even though I tried many different nutrient lines, I found it impossible to deliver on all of these priorities at once. I decided to take matters into my own hands and push my plants’ genetics to the max. I sourced the purest fertilizer salts on the market, and used my flower rooms and nurseries as test gardens for my nutrient profiles.

I didn’t stop with just fertilizer salts though.  After much research and development, my team and I discovered organic extraction methods to concentrate as many bio-stimulants and bio-nutrients as possible into a plant-based line tailored to the specific growth stages and needs of the plants we grow.  I could not be happier with the results. 

I’ve dialed in the nutrient profiles, so Growers can focus on all the other elements of growing.  All Uncle Wiggy’s products are handcrafted, bottled, and labeled by a tight knit crew in my Denver lab, using the highest quality control standards.  You’ll quickly see the difference this care makes in your grow room.


Commercial and Medical Benefits

I’m proud to offer our community the best hydroponic fertilizers and natural bio-stimulants available.  My team and I have spent over a decade designing bio-available, balanced nutrition for every stage of plant growth.  With the most bio-available nutrients on the market, I can promise full genetic expression with consistently high yields and extreme quality. 

Uncle Wiggy’s line has been developed by using cutting edge organic methods and the purest ingredients from America and Europe.  The purest input materials translate into the purist plant matter.  Our philosophy is LESS IS MORE.  We are committed to lowering the levels of nutrients stored in plant tissues and the amount of nutrient runoff in the environment.  We’ve accomplished this by lowering the amount of fertilizers needed which also reduces operating costs.  The extreme bio-availability of our growth-stage specific nutrients means less unused fertilizers are stored within plant tissue.  This insures fuller genetic expression and truly medical grade quality.

The simplicity of Uncle Wiggy’s program translates into nutritional success for all scales of grows.  Through simplicity, commercial teams have an easier time staying on the same regiment.  Uncle Wiggy’s eliminates the need for boosters.  This helps guarantee that micro and macro nutrients are always balanced in the proper proportions, preventing the common problem of nutrient lockout.  

Join Uncle Wiggy’s family of Master Growers—I promise you’ll feel right at home.