710 Blends

Mixing Nutrients: Use a mixing pump to agitate the water. Allow a few minutes for the 710 Blend to dissolve fully.

• Fill reservoir with desired amount of water
• Add Base Dose Packs first
• Followed by Veg or Bloom
• Then add CryptoBio
• Feed plants when pH is stable at 5.8 – 6.3

Dose Packs: This feed chart is based on Dose Packs in 50 gallons of feed water. Use twice as many Dose Packs for 100 gallons, and five times as many for 250 gallons.

Raw Salts: Use the feed chart’s ppm guide. Add salts until desired ppm is reached.




When my team and I developed Uncle Wiggy’s CryptoBio line of concentrated, all-natural bio-stimulants and bio-fertilizers, we were committed to giving hydroponic growers the best of organics while also providing organic growers with hydroponic-level yields without sacrificing their organic quality.  CryptoBio is made from the extraction and concentration of specific vegetable combinations to provide natural bio-stimulants specifically tailored to every stage of plant growth.