Green Cycle Clean

Green Cycle Clean

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Successful Growers keep their grow rooms clean.  Nothing does this better or more safely than the powerful sanitizing disinfectant Green Cycle Clean.  It’s easy on humans and designed to keep everything in your grow room—from equipment and hard surfaces to root zones—clean.

Every seasoned Grower can agree that it is much easier to prevent problems like fungal infections than it is to deal with them once your plants are infected.  When setting up a grow or resetting after a harvest, it is always a good practice to thoroughly clean and sterilize your entire grow room and all your equipment.  Yet, over the years, I’ve gotten some gnarly skin burns from peroxide based products, and some eye and respiratory irritation from bleach and Lysol based products.  So I was really motivated to offer our community something that was not only safer, but more effective as well. 

Green Cycle Clean works exceptionally well for this because its active ingredients stay active when dry, unlike hydrogen peroxide products or bleach.  Hard surfaces remain sterile and free of fungal pathogens for about two weeks.  As with any sanitizing agent, I still recommend wearing appropriate protective clothing, eyewear, and a breathing mask when spraying down a room.  (Please note:  Green Cycle Clean is toxic to fish, and should not be disposed of into the environment.)

For those Growers who don’t use beneficials, Green Cycle Clean can be used as a drench.  It keeps your reservoirs and drip lines squeaky clean while fending off fungal, bacterial, and algae infections within the root zone.  It works really well in re-circulating, drain to waste, and deep water culture systems.  Green Cycle Clean breaks down into nitrogen, is pH stabilized, and also has some wetting agents in it.  If you do choose to water with it, it helps your nutrients reach all the little nooks and crannies of your grow media.  Uncle Wiggy recommends using Green Cycle Clean as a drench only after root zones have been established.

For Growers using beneficials, it is still a really good practice to sanitize your pots, your equipment, and your grow room.  Even when you are cutting clones or removing excess vegetation, it is a great idea to disinfect your scissors between plants.  If you do have an infected plant, you won’t spread disease throughout your whole garden. 

Active ingredient: dodecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride


  • Disinfects and sanitizes hard surfaces for up to two weeks
  • Kills algae, fungus, and bacteria
  • Prevents infections
  • Keeps reservoirs, hydroponic systems, and drip lines clean
  • Is an effective wetting agent
  • Is easier on you and the environment than traditional sanitizers
  • Is pH stabilized
  • Breaks down into nitrogen, when used as a drench

When to Use:

  • In between crops to sanitize grow rooms and equipment
  • To keep tools and equipment sterile
  • As a drench to disinfect root zones, if you aren’t using beneficals


  • As a hard surface disinfectant 3-5mL/gallon
  • As a drench 1mL/gallon